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Pawel RogalinskiI am a freelance journalist and writer. My articles are published in all-Poland and Polish minority magazines and newspapers all over the world (mainly in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Russia, Ireland). On 29th March 2007 I set up a Journalist Blog (now: Journalistic Review www.rogalinski.com.pl ), which quickly gained a large number of readers. Today on the biggest Polish social networking service NK.pl my Journalistic Review account already gathered over 260.000 fans, and my website www.rogalinski.com.pl was awarded with a title the Best Polish Blog in years: 2008, 2010 and 2011 and the Best Private Website in 2011. I have been also given many prestigious awards and distinctions in recognition of my articles and journalistic work e.g. in London, Berlin, Strasbourg, Brussels and Warsaw.


From April 2011 I have been the Spokesman of the Polish Democratic Association 1937, in 2012 I had an opportunity to undergo an assistant internship in the office of the Spokesperson of the EPP Group in the European Parliament, and in 2013-2014 I have worked in MEP office in Brussels and Strasbourg. Equally valuable for me was the two-year journalistic cooperation with the European Commission (2009-2011). During that time I was invited to many international meetings and summits on important social issues, organized in different European cities.

During my cooperation with large companies in the country and abroad, I got to know various forms of teamwork and organized many projects. For some time I worked for the following companies, institutions and organizations: KOTANYI Polonia, The World Internet Foundation, Neks Sp. z o.o., Professional Linguistic and Upper Studies Ltd. (at the University of Kent and University of Greenwich), Foreign Language Centre ​​”Professional”, Training Centre “Dedal”, L’Association Famille Dominicaine FADO, inEvidence, Sephora, HP.

As a journalist, I have always been very active. My articles have been published in many leading newspapers and magazines. Among them there have been several well-known web portals: Le Monde Diplomatique, Wprost24.pl, Onet.pl, Interia.pl, Wirtualna Polska, Rynki24.pl, Portal Spożywczy, Nasze Miasto, Moje Miasto MM etc. As to the print media, they have been e.g. Central European Review, Rynki Zagraniczne, Praca I Nauka za Granicą, Stosunki Międzynarodowe, Forum Klubowe, Kurier Dyplomatyczny. Finally, there have been many printed Polish minority magazines all over the world: Polish Zone: Work and Life (United Kingdom), Polonia Magazine (North and South America, Australia, New Zealand), Gazeta Petersburska (Russia) Panorama Polska (Canada), Czas Polski (USA), The Polish Weekly (Australia), Polski Express (Ireland), The Voice of Poland (Scotland), The Polish American Congress (USA), Nowy Przegląd Wszechpolski (Polonia diaspora in Europe) , Kontakty (USA).


I graduated from the University of Lodz doing three faculties: International Relations: Political Science, English Philology and Management. I have been actively involved in numerous scientific conferences in various fields (e.g., in 2007, I gave a speech at a conference “Polish translations of English literature”, in 2008 – at a conference entitled “Distortion of reality in translation”, and in 2009 I was a speaker at a conference “Intercultural Communication in the European Context”).

During my studies I was receiving an academic performance scholarship; several times I was also honored for my academic successes. In 2010 in “Academic Nobel” competition I was given distinction as of one of the best students at the University of Lodz. A year later I improved my score and became the best student at the University of Lodz. In the next stage of the competition I won once again – in the Lodz Voivodeship (2.6 million inhabitants). The final ceremony of “Academic Nobel” competition for the Best Student of Poland was held in the building of Sejm (the lower house of the Polish parliament). I won second place in Poland in the humanities category. In 2012 I repeated this success, again winning the titles of the Best Student at the University of Lodz, the Best Student of Lodz Voivodeship and national finalist of the competition “Academic Noble”.

In June 2012, I completed my education at the University of Lodz, obtaining a Master’s degree from my third faculty – Management. In October 2012, I decided to continue my education and I have undertaken my doctoral studies in the United Kingdom. Since then I have attended a seminar on PPE organized by the Jagiellonian University in London – a member of Europaeum.org and Coimbra-Group.eu.

In addition to my studies, I completed a three-year Block of Pedagogical Courses at the University of Lodz (CELTA equivalent, 510 hours of theory + 150 hours of continuous practice). I also attained Qualified Teacher Status (reference no.: 1333688) awarded by The General Teaching Council for England (GTC).  In addition, I underwent a number of courses and trainings on teaching, marketing, online advertising, business management and business process modeling.


I know English very well and have extensive education background in humanities. I can skillfully use the Internet and the following software programmes: MS Office, Adobe Photoshop, Gimp, Corel Video Studio, Pinnacle Studio 16, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, WordPress, BPMN, YAWL. I can also use professional parliamentary programmes, such as: AT4AM, CARVIS, ProMat. I am ambitious and eager to learn new things.

I am interested in politics, literary translations, numismatics, traveling and horse-riding. I have a dog Caesar and several species of freshwater fish, although I often think about buying a large, 500-liter marine aquarium :-)


One of my main goals in the future is to have an active job where I could use my: experience, knowledge and skills. Continued professional development is very important to me, therefore I believe in and realize the principle that one learns throughout the life. In the future, I intend to continue to pursue my passion – journalism, and regularly publish posts on the Jorunalistic Review www.rogalinski.com.pl (there are also two another links to the website: www.JournalisticReview.com and www.PrzegladDziennikarski.pl), which I also treat as entertainment and pleasure.

NiemcyPaweł Zbigniew Rogaliński (* 20. Juni 1987 in Łódź) ist ein polnischer politischer Journalist und Blogger. Er schreibt Artikel für polnische Zeitschriften und polnischsprachige Zeitungen im Ausland (z.B. “Praca i Nauka za Granicą”, “Le Monde diplomatique”, “Polish Zone” in Großbritannien, “Panorama Polska” in Kanada, “Polonia Magazine” in den USA,”Tygodnik Polski” in Australien, “Gazeta Petersburska” in Russland, “Polski Express” in Irland). Er ist der Autor des “Journalismus Blog” (in polnischer und englischer Sprache). Rogaliński arbeitet als Sprecher der Demokratischen Vereinigung in Polen. Er hat mehrere Bücher geschrieben. Wichtige Auszeichnungen: – “EU-Journalistenpreis 2008″ in Großbritannien, – “Polnische Bürgerjournalist des Jahres 2009″, – Die besten polnischen Blog des Jahres 2008, 2010, 2011, – Die Finalisten des Wettbewerbs “Junger Europäer des Jahres 2011″

FrancjaPaweł Rogaliński (né le 20 juin 1987 à Łódź) est un journaliste polonais, blogueur et un éditeur. Il écrit des articles pour les tout-polonais magazines (par exemple: Central European Review, Rynki zagraniczne, Stosunki Międzynarodowe, Le Monde diplomatique) et les journaux des minorités polonaises (par exemple Polish Zone au Royaume-Uni, Panorama Polska au Canada, Magazyn Polonia aux États-Unis, Tygodnik Polski en Australie, Gazeta Petersburska en Russie, Polski Express en Irlande). Rogaliński est l’auteur du blog du journaliste (à la fois en polonais et en anglais). À l’heure actuelle, il fonctionne comme un porte-parole de l’Association démocratique en Pologne. Journaliste prix: – le premier prix au Royaume-Uni au concours “Pour la diversité. Contre les discriminations. Prix spécial sur les Roms” – “Le journaliste citoyen de 2009″ – le premier prix dans “Le meilleur Blogger de l’année 2008″ (dans “Life” catégorie) – le meilleur blog polonais de 2010 – le “Bon Samaritain de 2010″ – Le finaliste du concours “Jeune européen de l’année 2011″ – le meilleur blog polonaise de 2011 – Best Site polonais privé de 2011

WłochyPawel Rogalinski è un giornalista freelance (indipendente) polacco, editore, blogger (www.rogalinski.com.pl) e rappresentante della Associazione democratica in Polonia. Scrive articoli socio-politici per tutti i giornali polacchi come: “Praca i Nauka za Granica”, “Central European Review” e “Stosunki Miedzynarodowe”, per le minoranze polacche all’estero (es.”Polonia Magazine” negli U.S.A, “Polish Weekly” in Australia, “Gazeta Petersburska” in Russia). Pawel Rogalinski ha completato gli studi presso l’Università di Lodz (la University of Lodz) laureandosi in tre diverse facoltà: studi inglesi, Relazioni Internazionali: Scienze Politiche, e Management. Dal 2012 è impegnato in un dottorato di ricerca sulle Scienze Politiche alla l’Università Jagellonica a Londra (Jagiellonian University). Dal 2009 fino alla fine del 2010, invece, ha rappresentato la stampa polacca e inglese alla Commissione Europea durante i vertici di eguaglianza e incontri riguardanti la povertà e l’esclusione sociale. Ha pubblicato diversi libri come per esempio “How politicians manipulate us” (“Come i politici ci manipolano”). A Pawel Rogalinski sono stati assegnati premi giornalistici come: EU Journalist Award 2008: Special Award on the Roma (Commissione Europea, Londra), The Citizen Journalist of 2009 (“Polityka” Magazine, Warsaw), “How to spend the EU budget?”, dove ha vinto il primo premio presso il Parlamento Europeo a Brussels. Infine è stato uno dei cinque finalisti del concorso Young European of the Year 2011 (Heinz-Schwarzkopf Foundation, Berlino). 


Jak politycy nami manipulują Cz. 2 Przemowy w praktyce, Paweł Rogaliński
Jak politycy nami manipulują? Cz. 2: Przemowy w praktyce” (Łódź 2012)
(How politicians manipulate us? Part 2: Speeches in practice). Book in the Polish language.

Best of MłodaRP.net, Paweł Rogaliński
Best of MłodaRP.net (Warszawa 2011)
(a collection of press articles). Book in the Polish language.

Świat, polityka i my, Paweł Rogaliński
Świat, polityka i my (Łódź 2010)
(World, politics and ourselves. Chosen press articles 2007-2009) Book in the Polish language.

Polish Eye on the World, Pawel Rogalinski
Polish Eye on the World: Press Articles 2008-2012 (Łódź 2013)
Press articles and essays that were published in 2008-2012 in Polish and Polish diaspora magazines all over the world (USA, Australia, Great Britain, Ireland, Russia, Canada). The articles concern politics, international relations, social issues, marketing and discrimination – everything from the point of view of Poles.

Na co przeznaczyć unijne pieniądze, Paweł Rogaliński
Na co przeznaczyć unijne pieniądze? (Brussels 2012)
(How to spend the EU money?) Book in the Polish language.

British Accents Cockney, RP, Estuary English, Pawel Rogalinski
British Accents: Cockney, RP, Estuary English (Łódź 2011)
Today, we can find many elements of speech, which are considered to be characteristic of the Cockney accent and are used in Standard English. Other examples show that Londoners’ speech, as well as Received Pronunciation are both used on television and radio. What is more, the book concentrates upon the way RP changes, the impact of Cockney on Received Pronunciation, and certain features of the accents perceived as ‘standard’ ones. Paweł Rogaliński (born in 1987) is a Polish freelance journalist, publisher, bloger (www.rogalinski.com.pl), and an English teacher. He writes sociopolitical articles for all-Polish magazines and Polish minority newspapers (e.g. “Polish Zone” in the United Kingdom, “Magazyn Polonia” in the United States, “Tygodnik Polski” in Australia, “Panorama Polska” in Canada, “Gazeta Petersburska” in Russia). He published a collection of his essays and articles entitled “Świat, polityka i my” in 2010. Paweł Rogaliński was granted several prestigious European awards. You can buy my e-book in Polish bookshop websites. If you don’t know Polish and have problems with buying my book, please write an e-mail to me: http://www.rogalinski.com.pl/kontakt-2/

“Jak politycy nami manipulują. Zakazane techniki” (Wydawnictwo Sorus, Poznań 2013)
(How politicians manipulate us. Forbidden techniques, Sorus Publishing House, Poznań 2013). Book in the Polish language.

Jak politycy nami manipulują Cz. 1 Zakazane techniki, Paweł Rogaliński
“Jak politycy nami manipulują? Cz. 1: Zakazane techniki” (Łódź 2012)
(How politicians manipulate us? Part 1: Forbidden techniques). Book in the Polish language.

Zbliżenia Cywilizacyjne Tom VII, Paweł Rogaliński
Zbliżenia Cywilizacyjne Tom VII (Włocławek 2011)
(Close-up of Civilisations). Book in the Polish language.


Mr. Pawel Rogalinski had attended (…) meetings and press conferences organised by the European Commission and he has been one of the most outstanding journalist reporting on these events. (…) The European Commission was delighted about the substantive coverage produced by this journalist on these events and his contribution to raising awareness about these issues not only in Polish media, but also in the UK, the United States and Australia.

Tjessica Stegenga
Managing Director, Ketchum Pleon Belgium
Brussels, June 22nd, 2010

I consider him  a dedicated, hardworking and passionate person. (…) I wish him all the best and have no doubt he will be successful in all his endeavors.

Professor Arkady Rzegocki
Head of the Jagiellonian University in London
London, December 7th, 2012

Paweł Rogaliński is a very good candidate for posts connected with following issues: equal treatment, public relations (both: society and media), information monitoring services and representation of presidents of companies and institutions. [translation from the Polish language]

Tomasz Mankiewicz
The Head of the Democratioc Association 1937 in Lodz Voivodeship
Lodz, October 25th, 2011

I would like to express my respect and appreciation for this bright young person, who brought outstanding contribution to the work of my group of journalists and editors (…) He writes his texts with passion and deep insight into the matter.

Izabela Kowalska
President, Polonia Magazine, LLC
Chicago, May 29th, 2012

Paweł Rogaliński (…) has been promoting tolerance and European Integration as well as the fight against discrimination and poverty in Europe for more than five years.

Philipp Scharff
Director, Schwarzkopf Stiftung Junges Europa
Berlin, February 23rd, 2011

He was responsible for e.g. (…) preparing texts of my public speeches in English and Polish. Pawel Rogalinski (…) is a wonderful team player, creative and independent, learning new things very quickly and able to make immediate decisions. I will always be pleased to welcome Pawel Rogalinski at our office.

Joanna Skrzydlewska
Member of the European Parliament
Brussels, April 11th, 2014

We would like to congratulate you on your “samaritan sensitivity”, which is not only realized as a real outreach work for people in need, but also as a great contribution to building the “Civilisation of Love” of which pope John Paul II taught so much. We wish you strength, enthusiasm and pleasure in undertaking future actions aiming to aid those in need. [translation from the Polish language]

Padre Stanisław Wysocki
The Head of the Association Wolontariat św. Eliasza
Krakow, March 10th, 2011

Paweł Rogaliński is well organised, trustworthy and responsible (…) and we are confident he will be successful throughout his career.

Agata Byczewska, Katarzyna Klaus
Advisers, EPP Group in the European Parliament
Strasbourg, July 11th, 2012

He is very reponsible, well organised, reliable and very flexible. (…) He is a team member to totally count on.

Nicola Alford
Director of Studies, Professional Linguistic and Upper Studies
London, September 12th, 2011

The national jury in the United Kingdom is pleased to give the ‘For Diversity. Against Discrimination’ Special Award on the Roma 2008 to Paweł Rogaliński in recognition of his contribution to promoting the benefits of diversity and raising awareness of the need to combat discrimination.

Vladimír Špidla
European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, European Commission
Brussels, December 1st, 2008

Pawel Rogalinski is a person who won numerous awards for his publications, for achievements in science and pre-eminent journalist activities, both in Poland and abroad. He was twice awarded the title of the best student at the University of Lodz and the whole Lodz Voivodeship (2.6 mln inhabitants).

Professor Bogdan Gregor Ph.D.
Pro-Rector in Charge of Economic Affairs, University of Lodz
Lodz, December 4th, 2012

Thanks to his numerous ideas, he had a great contribution to top management decision process in our company.

Krzysztof Brzychcy
Chairman of the Board, Neks Sp. z o.o.
Dabrowka Wielka, May 5th, 2010


==  Summits and conferences  ==

  • 20.05.2015 – Speech at a Polish promotional meeting Poland – the success story / Polónia – a história de sucesso (Fecomercio, Goiania, Goias, Brazil).
  • 18.04.2015 – Speech at the conference Precariat – new, dangerous class (University of Lodz).
  • 19-23.03.2015 – Taking part in the 2nd Latin American Young Leaders Forum as a Young Leader of the Central European Region (BMW Stiftung Herbert Quandt, Rio de Janeiro)
  • 11-14.12.2013 – Representative of Polish press during the European Year of Citizens 2013 Closing Conference (Lithuanian Presidency, Vilnius)
  • 05-06.2013 – A series of promotional meetings in central Poland with the author of the book “How politicians manipulate us. Forbidden techniques” (Sorus Publishing House, Poznań 2013)
  • 10-13.03.2013 – Parliamentary visit in Strasbourg at the invitation of Lidia Geringer de Oedenberg MEP. Visiting the Council of Europe, European Court of Human Rights and the European Parliament
  • 24.09.2012 – Opening ceremony of the exhibition  Euro the European currency, in the branch office of National Bank of Poland (European CommissionŁódź).
  • 06.06.2012 – Study visit in the European Commission in Brussels entitled “How to spend the EU budget?” and a meeting with EU Commissioner Janusz Lewandowski.
  • 23.03.2012 – Meeting in Warsaw on the topic How to spend the EU budget? with the President of the European Parliament Jerzy Buzek.
  • 14 – 16.10.2011 – International conference Fifteenth International Conference on System Theory, Control and Computing in Sinaia, Romania.
  • 04.04.2011 – The organizer of the training on Modern ways of teaching (University of Lodz).
  • 09 – 10.12.2010 – Representative of the Polish press in the European Consensus Conference on Homelessness (Belgian presidency & European Commission, Brussels).
  • Pawel Rogalinski journalist17 – 19.10.2010 – Representative of British press in the Ninth Round Table on Poverty and Social Exclusion (Belgian presidency & European Commission, Brussels). The event took place in the presence of King Albert II of Belgium and Queen Paola.
  • 24 – 26.06.2010 – Representative of British press in the Ninth Meeting of People Experiencing Poverty (European Commission, European Parliament, Brussels)
  • 16 – 17.11.2009 – Representative of Polish press in the Third Equality Summit. Cooperation for Equality (Swedish presidency & European Commission, Stockholm)
  • 06.06.2009 – Speech at the conference Intercultural Communication in the European Context (Lodz Academy of International Studies, Łódź).
  • 14 – 16.05.2009 – Representative of British press in the Eight Meeting of People Experiencing Poverty (Czech presidency & European Commission, Brussels).
  • 19.04.2008 – Speech at the conference Distortion of reality in translation (University of Lodz).
  • 14.04.2007 – Speech at the conference Polish translation of literature in English (University of Lodz).

==  Major achievements  ==


Date, place


Young Global Leader (a member of Responsible Leaders Network – Young Global Leaders) From 21/03/2015, Rio de Janeiro BMW Stiftung Herbert Quandt
1st Prize in the EPP Group journalistic contest „How to spend the EU budget?” 07/12/2011, Brussels, Strasbourg EPP Group, European Parliament, President of the EP, EU Commissioner
Young European of the Year 2011, the finalist. The jury chose overall five finalists who had an exemplary contribution to the European integration and understanding between nations 09/02/2011, Berlin European Parliament , Heinz-Schwarzkopf Foundation in Berlin.
The Citizen Journalist of 2009 11/03/2010, Warsaw Polityka Magazine, Orange, Polska “The Times”, TVP.Info
EU Journalist Award 2008 15/12/2008, London European Commission

==  Membership in associations  ==

Democratic Association 1937 (04/2011 – till now),  The Polish Forum of Young Diplomats (“its mission is to educate and create future leaders”, 11/2010 – 02/2012), Movement for Democracy (11/2008 – 07/2011), Open Boat Students’ Society (10/2007 – 06/2008).

==  Education  ==

University Faculty Dates
Jagiellonian University in London Doctoral studies in PPE (PhD) 2012-till now, London, Krakow
University of Lodz Management(MA) 2010-12, Lodz
The General Teaching Council for England (GTC) QualifiedTeacher Status (ref. no. 1333688) 2011, London
University of Lodz International Relations: Political Science (MA) 2006-11, Lodz
University of Lodz Philology: English Studies (BA) 2006-10, Lodz
University of Lodz Block of Pedagogical Courses (CELTA equivalent) 2006-09, Lodz



TVP: Paweł Rogaliński ws. referendum 2015
TVP: Paweł Rogaliński ws. referendum

Audycja referendalna w TVP ws. jednomandatowych okręgów wyborczych. W referendum w 2015 roku namawiałem do zagłosowania przeciw usilnie forsowanym JOWom.

EPP TV: Erasmus + commercial

Sorry, this entry is only available in Polski.

TV European Parliament, Pawel Rogalinski
Polish Local and Regional TVs: “Youth European Parliament Magazine”

Video created in the European Parliament for 50 local and regional TV stations in Poland. 09.03.2014

Telewizja ATV, Paweł Rogaliński
ATV: Political manipulations

The TV programme I’con. Andrzej Tarkowski – Kiliszewski conducts interviews with prof. Zdzislawa Janowska and Pawel Rogalinski. 04.06.2013.

Radio Lodz
Radio Łódź: Political manipulation

The interview about my new book “How politicians manipulate us. Forbidden techniques”. 03.06.2013.

ATV: Iluminaticon (trailer)

Trailer of a TV programme about political manipulations (guests: prof. Zdzisława Janowska and Paweł Rogaliński) 05.2013

Radio Strefa PM Piotrkow Trybunalski
Radio Strefa FM: How politicians manipulate us

Interview about Rogalinski’s new book – “How politicians manipulate us. Forbidden techniques”. 08.05.2013.

TVP Info, Paweł Rogaliński
TVP Info: Academic Noble 2012

Gala krajowego etapu konkursu na Najlepszego Studenta RP “Studencki Nobel 2012″.

Studencki Nobel, Paweł Rogaliński
Radio Parada: Gość Dnia Radia Parada 96.00 FM

03.07.2012, Radio Parada z Łodzi przeprowadziło ze mną wywiad w audycji “Gość Dnia”.

EPP TV: Study visit in the European Commission and the European Parliament

Meeting with the EU Commissioner Janusz Lewandowski and the President of the European Parliament Jerzy Buzek. 06.06.2012. (Polish language version)

Piotr Borys, Paweł Rogaliński
Paweł Rogaliński, Testimonies

Pawel Rogalinski is a Polish freelance journalist, publisher, blogger (www.rogalinski.com.pl) and a spokesman of Democratic Association in Poland. Pawel Rogalinski completed his education at the University of Lodz at three different faculties: English studies, International Relations: Political Science and Management. Since 2012 he has been doing a PhD research in PPE at the Jagiellonian University in London. (Polish language version)

Radio Łódź
Radio Lodz: “Blogs and online journalism as a passion”

Interview with Paweł Rogaliński (www.rogalinski.com.pl).

Polski Internet, Paweł Rogaliński
The Best Blog of 2011 – Award Ceremony

The World Internet Foundation’s Award Ceremony. Pawel Rogalinski’s blog www.rogalinski.com.pl was awarded with a title “The Best Blog of 2011″.

Polski Internet
The Best Private Website of 2011 – Award Ceremony

(Polish language version)

Łódzkie Wiadomości Dnia, Paweł Rogaliński
TVP Lodz: News of the Day

05.12.2011 (Polish language version)

Jerzy Buzek, Paweł Rogaliński
Video resume of Pawel Rogalinski (04.2011)

My video resume from April 2011. (Polish language version)

TVP Polonia, Paweł Rogaliński
TVP Polonia: “Another Poland”

A short interview with Pawel Rogalinski in TVP “Polonia”. The Journalist Blog www.rogalinski.com.pl has been used once again as a source to create this video. (Polish language version)

Polski Internet, gala, Paweł Rogaliński
The Best Blog of 2010 – Award Ceremony

Rogalinski.com.pl Journalist Blog was awarded with a title “The Best Blog of 2010″ in “Polish Internet” contest organized by the World Internet Foundation abd Polish Ministry of Infrastructure. (Polish language version)

TVP2 Panorama
Rogalinski.com.pl used as a source by Polish public television TVP2!

(Polish language version)

Wiadomosci24, Paweł Rogaliński
Wiadomosci24: Interview with Pawel Rogalinski

Interview with Pawel Rogalinski, who was awarded with the title “Citizen Journalist 2009″. (Polish language version)

Dziennikarz Obywatelski 2009
Orange: The Citizen Journalist 2009 Award

Pawel Rogalinski was awarded with a title “The Citizen Journalist 2009″. The film was created by Orange telecommunications corporation. (Polish language version)

Radio Łódź
Radio Lodz: “Studying in Denmark – purposeful disinformation or an accident?”

(Polish language version)




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